At Risk Student

Undergraduate degrees to at-risk students

The data used to create the At-Risk graphs was obtained from THECB.  The population is defined in THECB’s Accountability Website as:


“Definition: At-Risk includes students who received a pell grant, graduated with a GED, were 20

years or older when they first entered college, started as a part-time student taking less than 12

hours, or had an SAT/ACT score less than the national average. For all categories except GED,

students were tracked back 10 years if data was available. GED was tracked back 6 years. Age is

determined by year of enrollment minus year of birth. The SAT/ACT score from the CBM00B

(Application report) is checked first and if no match is found, then the College Board data is used.

The SAT/ACT national averages come from the and

Source: CBM001, CBM00B, SAT/ACT scores, GED files from TEA”


For more information please visit THECB website:

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