The source of this information is from each institution’s CBM001 report that is submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) each semester.

“The Student Report (CBM001) reflects all students enrolled at the reporting institution as of the official census date, which is the 12th class day for the Fall and Spring semesters (16-week session) and the 4th class day for each of the summer terms (six-week session). Students who withdraw from a class on or before the official census date will not be included in this report. To be counted for state aid, the students must be registered as of the official census date and the institution must collect tuition and fees in full from the student (or have a valid accounts receivable on record) by the 20th class day or the 15th class day during summer sessions. Students are required to have a fully operational installment contract (in accordance with Chapter 54, Section 54.007 of the Texas Education Code) by the payment due date in order to be in good standing. This includes receipt of a first installment payment prior to the beginning of the semester.”   ( As stated in the Summer 2012 Reporting and Procedures Manual for Texas Public Universities; THECB; http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/).

Available Attributes:

  • Gender (detail definition)
  • Ethnicity (detailed definition)
  • TAMUS Institution
  • Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • Level (Undergraduate / Masters / Doctoral / Professional)
  • Residence
    • Texas County ( if a resident of Texas )
    • State (if not a resident of Texas but US resident )
    • Country of Residence ( If international )
  • Major (Based on the federal CIPCode)


  • Headcount – Total number of students enrolled per semester.
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