Operating Costs per FTSE
Source:    THECB Sources and Uses Report and Accountability System

Definition:    Operating costs excludes Auxiliary function and related Capital Outlay and Other Expenses that are in the Auxiliary fund group.  FTSE – The Sources and Uses report reflects an FTSE value based on state funded SCH’s for the entire Academic year ((Fall, Spring, Summer).  This includes undergraduate, masters, and doctoral SCH’s.


Average Tuition and Fees
Source:  College Student Budget survey responses by institutions

Definition: Mandatory tuition, designated tuition and mandatory fees for resident undergraduate students at 30 SCH for a fall and spring semester.


Research Expenditures and Research Expenditures per FTFE
Source: THECB Accountability System.

Definition: THECB Research report for each institution. For Texas A&M University, the research expenditures includes research expenditures for research agencies.  Research Expenditures by member divided by their FTFE’s.


Total Endowment
Source:  THECB accountability system

Definition:  Is the sum of quasi endowment and true and term endowment.  Quasi endowments are funds that an institution governing board elects to invest as if they were subject to endowment restriction sometimes called funds functioning as endowments.  True and term endowments are called permanent endowment which is a fund created by a donor or other external party with the stipulation as a condition of the gift instrument that the principal is to be maintained and invested in perpetuity to produce income, investment growth or both.  Endowment funds held by a foundation for the express use of the university should be included.


State Support per FTSE (Appropriations per FTSE on THECB Accountability Site)
Source:  THECB Sources and Uses report and the FTSE calculation on Sources and Uses

Definition:  State Support or Appropriations as listed on the THECB Accountability system includes State Appropriations, State Contracts and Grants, Research Development Funds, Texas Competitive Knowledge Fund, and excludes AUF funding.


Source:  The Texas A&M University System Data Warehouse

Definition:  The financial amounts listed are expenditures defined and filtered from the data warehouse to correspond to the operating expenses reported on the THECB Sources and Uses report.  The amounts listed do not included manual adjustments that members may have made to their sources and uses reports.  OPEB (Other Post-employment Benefits) expenses are excluded to be consistent with the Sources and Uses report.  The amounts included are only for operating expenses and exclude Auxiliary and Depreciation functions.

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