A&M System Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

The Texas A&M University System is dedicated to delivering the most accessible, the most affordable and the most adaptable higher education solutions to meet the needs of Texas students and employers for years to come. As public educators, we have to be accountable to students, parents, taxpayers, and employers.

With that accountability comes transparency, which means being open to our stakeholders about what we are doing, and what we plan to do, to increase the number and quality of graduates we prepare for the workforce.

The Texas A&M University System recognizes the urgency to hold member institutions accountable for measuring results, quality and overall cost efficiency as they fulfill their mission. To learn more about this, please visit EmpowerU.

The “Analytics” site houses data about current student enrollment, graduation rates, degrees awarded, and financial metrics for all universities within The Texas A&M System.

These metrics are essential tools Texas A&M System institutions use to identify strengths and challenges, using this information to enact change to enhance student success.

The primary source for the analytics data presented on this website is from reports submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). When necessary, individual System institutions also supplied pertinent information.

While every attempt was made to develop data definitions that conform with state and federal guidelines, these figures may vary from information presented and used internally by the Texas A&M University System, individual System institutions or other external reporting agencies due to differences in data collection, data definitions, calculation methodologies, different sources of data, and the overall intended application of the data.

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