Ethnicity for all dashboards on this site is reported following The Institute of Education Science’s standard as defined by National Center for Education Statistics standard NCES Standard 1-5-3.  This standard is currently the standard implemented by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Ethnicity is determined based on the information reported by institutions utilizing a two part question on ethnicity and race.

The first question identifies the student’s ethnicity by indicating one of the following:

  1. Hispanic
  2. Not Hispanic or Latino origin
  3. Not Answered

The second question identifies the student’s race (multiple can be marked):

  1. White
  2. Black or African American
  3. Asian
  4. American Indian or Alaskan
  5. International ( NCES uses “Nonresident alien”, TAMUS will report as “International”)
  6. Unknown Not Reported
  7. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Based on the reported responses the student’s ethnicity is identified on this site by following this criteria:

  1. If the student response to the second question is International, then ethnicity is reported as International. ( i.e. regardless of ethnic origin, if an individual answers yes to international – the student will be identified as an international).
  2. If the student response to the first question is Hispanic or Latino origin then ethnicity is reported as Hispanic. (Note – doing this give preference to an ethnicity of Hispanic over Two or More Races).
  3. If more than one race is indicated then ethnicity is reported as  “Two Or More Races”.
  4. In all other cases the ethnicity is reported as the response to the second question.
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